Financial Report Ontology (Work in progress)

An ontology is a representation of something that exists in reality. The financial report ontology is a formal ontology of a financial report. An ontology is a "window on reality". This financial report ontology is but one representative view of the world.

An ontology is a representation of universals. A universal is a generalization of instances. Instances exist only once. Machines such as computers need to be lead by the hand, they are like babies. The financial report ontology is intended to be able to guide computers, or more accurately computer software. The financial report ontology will help guide accountants creating a financial report or financial analysts working with one financial report or many financial reports.

This wiki contains information related to an ontology for a financial report. This wiki is a work in progress. Anyone may join this wiki and help edit the wiki and/or create the Financial Report Ontology. An ontology consists of singular nouns which are related together in graph theoretic structures which capture relations between corresponding types in reality which can be reasoned over. This financial report ontology is open source. It is expected to be extended for both public and private/proprietary uses. This ontology is a base upon which to build.

Current prototype:

Important things to remember:
  • On the web, anyone can say anything about anything. However, one should be able to justify what they are saying.
  • There is no single correct ontology for any domain.
  • However, the "proof is in the pudding". If it works, represents reality, is logical, is sensible, then it is probably useful.
  • Secondary uses for this ontology are anticipated.

There are multiple ways to work with and understand this ontology: (work in progress)

Information helpful in understanding what an ontology is and this specific ontology: